>What You Can Do With Your Mobile Phone?


Let’s face it, we can’t live without our trusted mobile phones because we can use it to communicate with our family and friends. Aside from that, we also have other uses for it. It has become ubiquitous gadget that people young and old have. From the brick-sized and outdated Nokia 5110 to the hottest and slickest Apple iPhone 4. The advancement and sophistication of mobile phone technology has enabled us to do many things we cannot do, such as:

Whether your mobile phone runs on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian, it always has games to help you kill the time while you are waiting for someone or while spending extended time in the rest room. Many people go for the latest mobile phones because of the latest 3D and touchscreen games where you can fully immerse with the interactivity of games like Plant vs Zombies or Angry Birds.
People used to find their way out of a dark area with a flashlight but many of us use our mobile phones. In fact, some cellphones have their own built-in flashlights while other phones have software that utilizes the camera flash as a light source.
Instead of writing important notes on a piece of paper, many of us use the phone’s note feature. You can write your diary entry and keep track of your important tasks and activities. The latest models have light versions of desktop publishing programs like Office Word and Excel for database management. Touch screen phones can even save your handwriting.

Every mobile phone has a calculator feature so that anyone can use it when making important calculations. Unfortunately, some schools ban their use during exams. Aside from that, the latest cellphones have a conversion application where users can convert lengths, weights, volumes, and currencies.
Camera technology has taken a technological leap and people don’t need to bring their camera if their cellphone has a good camera feature. There is no need to bring a digital camera to take pictures as many of the latest mobile phones can now take awesome pictures in high resolution while some can take panoramic shots and geotagging so that you can see on the map where you took the picture. Telecommunication technologies have improved to the point that we can send pictures we took a moment ago to other people in real time and even post it in social networking sites.
Mobile phones can now take high-definition videos in ideal frame rates and immediately upload these videos on Youtube or Facebook.
Every Filipino take advantage of SMS and call promos that allow anyone to send message or make a call the whole day. In fact, we send 10 text messages every day.
The sale of memory cards has increased recently primarily because of the growing need for high-capacity memory to boost mobile phones’ storage capacity.  More people are putting full-length videos on their cellphones. Some cheap China-phones now feature analog television that allow us to watch our favorite TV shows on our own mobile phone.
We love to listen to music and your mobile phone can be a substitute MP3 player. Most cellphones now feature built-in MP3 players and radio to allow us to listen to the best music. Whether you want a fancy ringtone, listen to your music collection, or enjoying your favorite radio show, a mobile phone is an audiophile’s must have.
Even if you don’t have a computer, you can always check your Facebook or Twitter status on your mobile phone. So if you can’t wait to check out who sent you an email or what news is on your favorite website, there is always your mobile phone. Many establishments have free WiFi signal that allow us to access to our favorite websites on the fly.
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One thought on “>What You Can Do With Your Mobile Phone?

  1. I know that mobile devices had gone far beyond and with the chance to do all of this then you may not feel bored anymore like we used to be (taking about the late 80’s).
    Thanks a lot I have a good read

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