>The Ten Most Popular Facebook Celebrities


We all know that social networking has changed how we socialize with friends and people we don’t know. In fact, many people have many friends in Facebook in real life while some became famous because of social networking. Most of us spend our time updating the Facebook profile, posting daily updates on Twitter, or checking out the hottest music videos on Youtube. Because of this growing Internet phenomenon, social networking has made celebrities out of the ordinary Joe. It’s not a surprise that celebrities have used these media to promote their TV shows, movies, and music to keep their celebrity status relevant.

This list, which excludes fake profiles and fan pages, compiles the most popular celebrities on Facebook.

Even in death, Michael Jackson continues to be Facebook’s most popular celebrity. With over 26 million fans, the King of Pop is slightly ahead of his closest contender by more than 400,000 fans. His popularity was boosted by his sudden death on June 25, 2009 and the circumstances behind it. Jackson’s page includes previously unavailable music videos and it updates fans on the latest news regarding the continuing investigations into his death.

Lady Gaga may have the weirdest fashion sense by a celebrity but she continues to draw more Facebook fans than anyone else (except Michael Jackson, of course) in the list. She’s already closing in on the late King of Pop as the most popular celebrity on FB. On her fan page, she posts things about her music career, informs readers about upcoming tour dates, progress in her studio recordings, and she also offers fans the occasional chit-chat. Her success is buoyed by Bad Romance, Alejandro, and Just Dance as the most- viewed videos in Youtube.

The Detroit rapper has made a successful comeback with his new album Recovery, cementing himself as the most popular artist in his chosen musical genre on Facebook. Eminem keeps his fans updated to his latest gigs, performances, and other news. His music videos (Love the Way You Lie, Not Afraid, and No Love) have gained him more than 400 million views, despite of or because of all the controversies and scandals in his career.

The Barbadian RnB star treats her fans with up-to-date information about her performances and music videos. Rihanna also promotes her page with awesome graphics particularly her “Loudest Fan” photo promo with Amazon.com and Kodak.

Linkin Park is the most popular rock band on Facebook with over 20 million fans. Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, and Phoenix have capitalized on the power of social networking by incorporating their playlist into it to allow fans to interact with their band. Fans can check out their schedules on FB for their concerts and other performances.

The Transformers star Megan Fox is the most popular actress on Facebook as male fans drool over her sultry magazine covers and photo shoots. Despite being short on words, she has provided candid shots about her married life with former 90210 actor Brian Austin Green.


What makes Vin Diesel’s Facebook fan page successful is that he personally posts updates and insights about his daily life. Most of his posts include pictures of him doing things, giving his fans a very personal perspective. The Fast and Furious star finally cracked the 20 million mark in large part due to his dedication to keep his fans happy.

The sultry Colombian singer remains one of the most popular celebrities in the world. She is currently promoting Sale el Sol (The Sun Comes Out) as a follow-up to her smash hit Waka Waka.

 Being the youngest celebrity on the list has helped in a great part Canadian teen-heartthrob Justin Bieber capture the support of younger audiences. Most Facebook users are 25-years-old and below. As long as Bieber produces hits then it will be simply a matter of time before he claims the top spot.

If you are more popular than U.S. President Barack Obama then it says something to your popularity. Lil Wayne has cracked the top 10 of the most popular celebrities on Facebook despite being imprisoned for most of 2010. Wayne keeps a daily blog posted on his fan page that gives his legions of followers a personal look on his career. He’s currently promoting his latest album 6’7”, which fans can download on iTunes. Some are wondering if Obama keeps Lil Wayne on his iPod playlist.

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