The Legacy of People Power

While I was writing this blog, I kept an eye on entire proceedings of the late President Corazon Aquino’s memorial service. It is truly a historic moment as the sights and sounds surpassed both the pomp, glamor and solemnity of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and Princess Diana’s death. Its truly remarkable and I can’t express it in words. But all I can say is — REMARKABLE. Though the Aquino family doesn’t want a state funeral because they want to keep it private but the way it is going its more like of a state funeral.

People can’t be stop and it seems EDSA has to be relived all over again. Despite the controversies behind the entire event like the absence of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the removal of the former president’s security detail, the event is fully represented by the various people from the government, top brass of the armed services, the representatives of some foreign countries and the mammoth crowd all make it the most watched funeral in Philippine history, no doubt about it.

Yellow was everywhere as well as confetti that fell like rain. As usual, the TV anchors are still asking the stupid questions like did the Aquino family brought some food or the usual way they keep bugging the grieving family by asking mundane questions.

Cory has restored democracy to its sacred form but we as a people trampled it. Look at us now, we are governed by corrupt and crooked politicians voted by people who allowed to get duped. I just hope politicians may not use this rising tide of nationalist sentiments and overflowing zeal of unity to further their political ambitions.

No one can deny that history will be kind to Cory as she’ll gained a status as a “political saint.” She may go down in history as the most popular president of all time. However, the media has somewhat portrayed the event as a public spectacle. Though its their job to describe the entire proceeding. People took advantage by selling food, T-shirts, memorabilia and everything you can think of. Business seems to be picking up.

People power is abused and now “cause-oriented groups” have made “prayer rallies” a daily routine against the unpopular president. I just hope they’ll provide concrete solutions to our country’s problem rather than criticizing and chastising the president for her shortcomings. They don’t have the monopoly of claiming themselves as “nationalists.”

Children not born during the 1986 event should practice their “political participation” in the right way. They should not get duped by some advocacy campaign running the primetime commercial ads. Don’t fall for false promises and outrageous pronouncements.

Vote for the right people and not settle for less. Demand for change from politicians and never take anything below the ideals of what democracy is all about.

President Arroyo seems to be the biggest loser in this situation as she has been relatively absent and the controversy behind the removal of the security detail will further hurt her political aspirations as well as her allies. But the future remains uncertain.

Will a member of the Aquino family continue the legacy of Cory or will someone pick up the slack?

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